Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why do I get extreme nausea in the morning ?

Im a 28 year old male . physically healthy. For a few weeks now ive been getting extreme nausea in morning. Doctors havent found anything. what could it be ? When i do a google search, it comes up with a bunch of pregnancy sites lol
Low blood sugar. Happens to me, too. Eat a light breakfast %26 the nausea goes away.
maybe you're pregnant. lmfao!!
i dunno...i'm stupid
looks like a duck sounds like a duck, probably a duck.
Your Pregnant!
That's funny because when I read the question I thought you could be pregnant, hehehehe.

Could be something you're eating, or maybe you're over exercising?
Could you be pregnant?
I'd be checking with the Doctors about Anxiety. I used to get something similar. WOuld be make me feel really sick in the morning, but I didnt know what was causing it. Sounds stupid i know, but it can br treated. If it's physical and the doctors can't find it.. well good luck with the baby! :P
well, you never know.. i'd get a pregnancy test just to be safe


maybe your suffer from lower back pain or you might have something touching your nerves in your spinalcord.


maybe just a simple flu.

contact your doctor if it gets worse, you will know when it gets worse
male right?? I don't think your pregnant, lol.. do you drink at night? Are you eating right? living somewhere new? Anything changed in your routine?
Are you nervous about anything? Just try to relax and it will probably go away. Are you taking any medication before bed? That can be it. If you are eating late also. Just relax it will go away. If your doc said it was fine. Don't worry to much. You will be okay. :)

P.S if might of have swallow flies or something. That's happens to everyone. I don't want to get you nervous. Don't worry. You are okay. :)
Are you having your bowels emptied each day? Constipation causes sickness.

Could you be allegic to something? Maybe you have had new sheets/bed/something else in the bedroom.
To be honost:if the doctor doesn't know?
Why would we know it?
Sorry dude:got no clue

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