Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why do i pee the bed when im drunk?

this happens everytime i get hammered (never when im sober), but EVERY SINGLE TIME (im grown but in my early 20's, i know some thing isnt right)
there is a question simlar to this on here...i answered it just today. when you're drunk you lose control of your bodily functions. you probably don't feel the urge and get up in time that's all. one time when i was drunk i had to throw up but i couldn't get out of bed fast enough...my bed and sheets and everything were ruined. and don't listen to everybody else...you're not an alcoholic...everyone needs to have fun once in a while...if you're doing it alone all the time, then you have a problem.
You are an alcoholic. Please get some help.
you drink too much
Because you are drunk, you are dreaming. Likely you are dreaming that you are in the bathroom. That is why. No secret about it because we dream differently when we are drunk. A deeper sleep. Just make sure you don't stay overnight at some girl's place and pee her bed. She will tell everyone and you will need to pay for a new mattress for her. Expensive drunk!
Well if you drink too much of alcohol it will disrupt your brain which means leading to brain shut down and that is why you pee on your bed without you knowing as after drinking alcohol you are sub consciously drink and when your brain are shut your body function go haywire...well my advice to you is dont take too much at a time it can damage your brains and prevent it from functioning properly...
You drink way too much %26 you are becoming an alcoholic.
You are not too young to be an alchoholic.
That's really bad to you because you drink too much.Get some help!!!!

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