Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why do my balls stink so bad after i sweat, is it just a certain hormone or what?

Its normal if your balls stink after you sweat. THis are due to several factors:

1. Microorganisms- there is what you call a normal flora living around genital areas. These releases a gas waste product which is the cause of you musky manly scent from your balls through chemical reactions.

2. Sweat and Sebaceous secretions - these liquids trigger the growth and development of these microflora. THe more you secrete these, the more they will love to grow and multiply.

3. Testicular hairs - this increases the surface area of your testicles, thus increasing the area of growth of some microorganisms

4. Pheromones - these chemical signal is corelated with the manly scent that you have produced. These are produced not only in your pubogenital areas but also on your armpits as well.

5. Others - poor testicular hygiene, or even the underwears you wear, since it promotes the growth of these bacteria by trapping heat w/c is suitable for their habitat.
its natural for guys balls to stink duh!!
Because you don't take showers
Sweat does not cause smell, however, when you sweat, you do grow bacteria - that is what smells
they are enclosed in underwear and pants and we all smell when we sweat =man or woman
Guys balls are supposed to smell? hm..
uh...I'm a girl but if I had to guess it's because you are sweating! After you take a shower they should be fine.. Thanks for 2 points.
Hm, So it IS normal for a guys balls to smell. I asked that on here, and everybody told me that it was abnormal.

But one question, how do you smell your own ballls?
You need to wash them more. Then spray them with
STINK B GONE Designed to eliminate the embarrassing odour from stinky swaying testes. Made only for Men.
the question should be how do you bend over enough to smell your balls?
sweating itself doesn't cause stink - bacteria does. so just don't shower but use some soap on your nauty bits. also make sure you dry off properly after a shower
Well it's the sweat, shaving might help...
The most common cause of excessive odor there is shaving the area. No hair = poor air circulation = good place for stinky fungus to grow.

The second most common cause is using anti-bacterial soap. It should be called "pro fungus soap," as it kills off the beneficial bacteria that keep fungus from growing wild. Never use that stuff anyplace on your body.

Shower once a day with regular soap, let the hair grow, and take some chlorophyll (tablets or liquid), which is availale at health food stores. Zinc in small amounts (no more than 20 mg a day) can also help. And if you've been using pro-fungus soap, eat yogurt or take acidophyllis, also available at the health food store.
It is but normal for you to sweat and stink afterwards. So what you should do is often wash your balls throughly (use anti-bacterial soap) and the underside or around the anus to keep in clean and fresh. Do not immediately wear underwear after taking a bath. Dry up a bit (towel it off, use a fan, or blow dryer) so that it won't be damp around your balls. Dampness in a closed area is a recipe for bacteria hence the smell. Also wear a comfortable (not too tight) cotton underwear.
um maybe its a hormone thing but idk umm thats kinda gross that they stink!!
ewwwwww, lol i guess its pretty normal. Just make sure to clean yourself before you get with a girl (if u want to keep her :)

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