Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why can't I force all my urine out?

There is no pain, no blood, no discomfort. Just when I pee, it feels like I haven't completely emptied myself. Then I can sit down, and us my lower bowel muscles to push out more urine.. then more.. then more.. honestly, I could do it for hours, all in small squirts. Sometimes, I'm constipated too. Also, this may just be a mental thing, but my penis seems to be almost disjointed, like I can bend it any way I like without pain.
Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?
maybe you have parasympathetic problems.. there 2 uncontrolled pathways from the brain.. namely symphatetic and parasymphatetic.. used for fight or flight (adrenaline rush) and rest and digest respectively.. if you have problems in your parasymphatetic nervous system, you would have urine retention, constipation, constricted pupils, etc.. you may have taken a substance or a drug that could have caused this problem. go see a local doctor immediately.
There is always a "little squirt" let as your bladder just doesn't flatten and press 100% and it is always being filled. Imagine trying to get all the air out of a basket ball without folding it over.

Or you could just be tense or nervous.

If you really feel there is more there at won't come out, go to a doctor. This is a symptom of a few things.

If you just try and try and try and you always get more out but you feel "empty", just stop doing it.
urine is constantly produced by your kidneys and flowing slowly into your bladder, its never totally empty for more than a second. constipation means you need to drink a lot more water, eat raw fruits and whole grain foods. the penis has no joints at all, silly it has no bones.
Yeah I agree with star

Your bladda fills up with pee all the time especially if you drink a lot of water

try this experiment:
1. dont drink water for like 6 hours and use the toilet
2. drink as much water as you can

you will see the difference! when you have drank lots of water you get that little squirt thing going on and when you dont drink any for ages then it wont happen

Regarding the penis thing you need to say whether its erect or not.
if ur soft it should flop around a bit and move around
if youre erect it should stick up but is quite moveable but it should not "bend" halfway down the length of it, it should only be moveable in terms of the direction it is pointing in from the base.

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  1. Serious people your bladder empties you feel it's empty end of problem this person has a problem it is not normal. I am having issues with muscles in my buttocks pelvic floor and have the same symptoms I have muscle atrophy going on in my hamstring yet no Dr can figure it out. My prostate is fine. Give the person a break


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